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Welcome to Portland Maine’s  All Women’s Club, sheJAMs!

shejamssheJAMs was created by three friends Julie, Andrea and Melissa in early 2010, to bring together women of all ages and abilities who enjoy being active.  Our goal was to provide an environment for women to train together that is encouraging, and open.  A place where it is fun to share each other’s experiences, accomplishments, and challenges…and revel in the energy that a group of women with common interests can generate!

sheJAM’s is for any women looking for community. An opportunity to meet friends with the same interests! We want you to be a strong, active woman, making a difference for yourself, in your home and your community.  We want you to be a better you!

Everyone is welcome!

You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to join in the fun! Everyone is welcome! sheJAM’s  is a place where women can share their love of the outdoors and an active lifestyle in a safe, friendly encouraging environment.   You can work out or train as easily or intensely as you want and you will always find someone at a similar level!

sheJAMs focuses on swimming, biking, running and strength training with the opportunity to improve general fitness and skills for whatever you want to accomplish. Maybe you run your first 5K, learn how to swim or try your luck at a triathlon, or even a marathon!  This is the group for any level!

Regular Social Events

We host regular social events beyond training that have included:

  • Yamuna Body Rolling with Melora Gregory,
  • Self Defense at Discovery Martial Arts,
  • potluck dinners, a run to Ri Ra’s,
  • sheJAMs spin classes followed by dinner,
  • Bike Fittings at Gorham Bike and Ski,
  • Bike 101 at Cyclemania,
  • Bowling at Bayside Bowling,
  • Nutritional information at The Vitamin Shop,
  • Cooking Demonstrations,
  • Boot Camps and more.

The list goes on and new ideas are always welcome! The options are endless!

Giving Back- Member-driven causes

To add to it all, we build in a charitable component into almost everything we do!

sheJAMs is more than just connecting women and having fun.  It’s about giving back to the communities that we live in and supporting women and women’s causes.

We have been a sponsor and partner with Maine Cancer Foundation for the Tri for A Cure since 2010.  We have hosted several all women’s Olympic Triathlon’s raising much needed funds for local non-profits.   All the events we put on give back to our local communities.   Since our beginning we have donated thousands of dollars back to our community.  We are very proud of that!

In addition to the athletic events, sheJAMs members sponsor families each year for Christmas, bringing joy to a family who would have otherwise gone without!  The response is tremendous!  sheJAMs members also participated in a Habitat for Humanity house building.

We make annual contributions to support a women’s cause or causes.  You the members help select where we donate!

So we ask …what is important to you?  Do you know of a community need or a charitable cause that we should support?  Is there a fund raising event that our members could participate in as a group? What do you feel strongly about?

she JAMs was created to tap into the power of women.  Women make such a huge impact when focused on a goal.  Let’s as a group define those goals and hit them!    SHARE YOUR IDEAS!

Our Goal

To offer an opportunity to live healthy lives, form lasting friendships and give back to the community in which we live.

sheJAMs Founders

Julie Marchese

USAT Certified Race Director

Julie had a long career in her family business at Jordan’s Meats. After the sale of the family business both her and her mom endured the diagnosis of breast cancer. Through this journey she found her real passion: Triathlons and raising money to find a cure for cancer. Julie completed her first triathlon just one year after her cancer diagnosis and was hooked! Julie is the founder of Tri for a CURE, which is an all women’s sprint triathlon that raises money for the Maine Cancer Foundation. Julie has recently formed an events planning company called Inspired Events.

Andrea Brown Gleason

USAT Certified Coach

Andrea lives in South Portland with her family, two dogs and a cat.  She started doing triathlons in 2007 and was immediately hooked.  Andrea completed her USAT Level 1 Coaching certification in 2009.  She then expanded her skill set completing her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training, and Master Reiki Training.  It all goes hand in hand.  Andrea owns Scarborough Yoga and balances triathlon and strength training with Yoga.  Andrea  loves to share her enthusiasm and love for the training that goes in to completing (notice completing rather than just competing in) a triathlon.

“I’ve found that my body responds much better to doing a variety of activity rather than the same thing day after day.  Training with a group of women friends is not only fun and encouraging, but a great connection!  I am constantly astounded by the power and strength of women!”

Melissa Smith

USAT Certified Coach

Melissa has a fulfilling career as the CEO at a publicly traded company. She has been passionate about using fitness as a way to help balance her lifestyle for almost a decade. Training with her friends has filled both a social need as well as helped her meet training goals. She ran her first of many marathons in 2004 and adding in biking and running in 2005. The active community has been an integral part of her life for almost a decade and she wanted to find a way to include more women. “Women individually accomplish wonderful things, but when you put them together; it can be magical.”

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