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Eat Vegan & Run |

Eat Vegan & Run How a whole-foods, plant-based diet—free of all meat and animal products—has propelled one runner to ultramarathon greatness. By Steve Friedman From the June 2012 issue of Runner’s World FOR NEARLY TWO DECADES, SCOTT JUREK has been a dominant force in the rarefied sport of ultrarunning. And perhaps just as impressive as […]

Quality Carbs |

Have Quality Carbs in Every Meal Choosing the right ones will help you increase energy and drop pounds. By Leslie Goldman From the April 2009 issue of Runner’s World Dieter’s Strategy: Cut out carbohydrates to lose weight. Runner’s Strategy: Have quality carbs in every meal. In the past decade, the Atkins diet and other low-carb […]

Performance Training Foods | ,

Nutrition & Weight Loss: Performance Training Foods A Better Blend: Smoothies A Better Blend Nutritious, flavorful ingredients lift the postrun smoothie to healthier heights. By Jessica Girdwain From the October 2010 issue of Runner’s World After a long or hard run, the last thing you may feel like doing is eating a big meal, particularly […]

Fuel |

 By Ryan Hutmacher and Sara Haas The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a snack as a “light meal or food eaten between regular meals.” The word appears to have originated from the Middle English word “snaken” which literally means “to bite.” The history is not well documented, but the consensus is that we can credit the Great […]

Transition Cycle |

 By Bob Seebohar As a sports dietitian, my office is flooded with endurance athletes in February and March wanting to lose the 5-15 pounds that they gained during their transition cycle (better known as the offseason). While the body physically needs the much deserved down time and less structure associated with the transition cycle, it […]

Understanding the Importance of Protein |

 By Ryan Hutmacher and Sara Haas With the season under way, you may be wondering what you can do to improve your performance during this time of intense physical activity.  You’ve heard people talk about protein, but aren’t really sure where to begin.  Perhaps you’re asking yourself how much protein you need, where to find […]

Super Foods for Super Women |

Super Foods for Super Women   By Monique Ryan If you want to feel like Superwoman this race season, fueling up with nutrient-powered foods and smart supplementing has positive payoffs.  Quality eating provides nutrients that boost your immune system, and supercharge your performance. Supplements build upon your best food choices and provide an edge on […]

Recovery Nutrition Guidelines After Hard Exercise |

Recovery Nutrition Guidelines After Hard Exercise By Nancy Clark, MS RD CSSD For If you are an avid athlete, you've undoubtedly noticed the latest hype surrounding recovery nutrition. The sports supplement industry is bombarding us with commercial recovery foods and fluids that generally offer some combination of carbs and protein. Questions arise: How important […]

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of An Athlete’s Day |

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of An Athlete's Day By Nancy Clark, MS RD CSSD Without question, breakfast is the meal that makes champions. Unfortunately, many active people follow a lifestyle that eliminates breakfast or includes foods that are far from champion-builders. I commonly counsel athletes who skip breakfast, grab only a light lunch, […]

Energy Bars Unwrapped |

Energy Bars Unwrapped Matthew G. Kadey, M.S., R.D. Her Sports + Fitness Magazine A lot has changed since 1986 when PowerBar introduced the first carbo-rich bar for endurance athletes. Once found only in health food stores and the backpacks of mountain climbers, the now ubiquitous energy bar has become the 21st century food of choice, […]

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