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Julie Marchese, Andrea Brown, Melissa Smith and Coreen Lauren are friends, training partners and we all share a passion for being active. Socializing and training go hand in hand! We love our girl time and want to expand our connections to include a larger group of women who share our interests! We love being active outdoors, training, skiing, exploring and we want to make a difference in our homes and in our communities!

Julie Marchese
USAT Certified Coach

Julie had a long career in her family business at Jordan’s Meats. After the sale of the family business both her and her mom endured the diagnosis of breast cancer. Through this journey she found her real passion: Triathlons and raising money to find a cure for cancer. Julie completed her first triathlon just one year after her cancer diagnosis and was hooked! Julie is the founder of Tri for a CURE, which is an all women’s sprint triathlon that raises money for the Maine Cancer Foundation. Julie has recently formed an events planning company called Inspired Events.

Andrea Brown
USAT Certified Coach

Andrea BrownAndrea lives in South Portland with her family and works in Portland as the Director of Recruiting Services at Pro Search, Inc.  She started doing triathlons 6 years ago and was immediately hooked.  Andrea got her USAT Level 1 Coaches certification in 2009. Andrea  wants to share her enthusiasm and love for the training that goes in to completing (notice completing rather than just competing in) a triathlon.

“I’ve found that my body responds much better to doing a variety of activity rather than the same thing day after day.  Training with a group of women friends is not only fun and encouraging, but a great connection!  I am constantly astounded by the power and strength of women!”

Melissa Smith
USAT Certified Coach

Melissa has a fulfilling career as the President of the Americas at a publicly traded company. She has been passionate about using fitness as a way to help balance her lifestyle for almost a decade. Training with her friends has filled both a social need as well as helped her meet training goals. She ran her firstof many marathons in 2004 and adding in biking and running in 2005. The active community has been an integral part of her life for almost a decade and she wanted to find a way to include more women. “Women individually accomplish wonderful things, but when you put them together; it can be magical.”

Coreen Lauren
RRCA Certified Coach

Coreen has been a member of the Greater Portland running community for 35+ years. In late 2006 while hiking near her home she had an unexpected fall resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury. Following her accident she spent a year in rehabilitation at New England Rehab where she focused on learning new ways to think and deal with life’s every day challenges. Following her rehabilitation she reconnected with the local running community and formed an all women’s running group.

Through her own experiences she is able to talk first hand with women about new beginnings and starting over. In her first year of coaching her group attracted more than 50 women. Together they develop a foundation of support and found ways to give back to their community through volunteering.

With the formation of sheJAMs, an all women’s fitness club focused on the same principals that had already united so many women, moving her program under this club provided enhanced opportunities for the women she works with on a daily basis.

Coreen’s strengths in coaching are identifying and removing barriers and setting realistic, attainable goals for herself and her athletes.

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